The Biological Will™


Biological Will™

is a last will and testament that describes any individual’s wishes for posthumous use or disposal of gametes or ova. Biological wills™ ensure that a person’s wishes for a biological legacy are legally binding. As society evolves and family structures diversify, new needs have developed that conventional parenting arrangements do not satisfy. The Biological Will™  answers a new need by synthesizing the desire for continuity, the opportunity provided by advances in medical technologies, and empowerment given to families to take fate into their own hands. The Biological Will™  answers basic human needs that were not fulfilled by conventional single parenting arrangements. Today, some single mothers wish to have paternal families for their child, children grow up with an incomplete family tree and genetic record, and families seek continuity for deceased relatives. Conventional parenting arrangements do not answer these needs. This is a true win-win situation, with real emotional and social benefits for all. Single mothers gain paternal families for their children. Children get paternal families and a known genetic record, and families continue the legacy of lost loved ones. Grandparents are blessed with a biological grandchild. The single parent gains a paternal family without compromising on a partner. The newborn has a complete family and a known genetic record.