Questions & Answers

The Biological will is an innovative legal product, and as such – raises legitimate questions.

We’ve gathered the most frequently asked questions here, in order to help you understand the benefits of the Biological Will and explain how and why you can obtain your own Biological Will.

What is the main idea behind the Biological Will?

Biological Will is a last will and testament that describes any individuals wishes for posthumous use or disposal of gametes or ova. Biological wills ensure that a person’s wishes for a biological legacy are legally binding.

What are the benefits of the Biological Will?

The biological will creates a true win-win situation, with real emotional and social benefits for all:

  • Single mothers gain paternal families for their children.
  • Children get paternal families and a known genetic record
  • Families continue the legacy of lost loved ones.

How is the Biological Will formatted?

The format of a biological will is based on traditional will and incorporates the necessary changes in order to make this unique will legally valid. As with financial wills, the basic information will include personal identification details of the testator, witnesses and beneficiaries, as well as specific instruction regarding the biological content. These instruction will be phrased with the assistance of our experienced legal staff.

What’s the process of producing a Biological Will?

Producing a Biological Will is quite simple, really. The testator will contact us and request to produce a will. After payment and personal detail verification. the testator will receive a filled Biological Will form, and get it signed by two witnesses according to the legal requirements of any will. We will ensure correct conduct via an online video conference meeting. Once all the details are signed and the Biological Will is signed, we will review a copy and confirm the will is ready and legally binding.

Do I need a solicitor with me when signing a Biological Will?

No. Our legal staff will supply you with a complete will and ensure correct conduct of the process. For actually signing a will, the presence of a solicitor is not required by law.

Where is the Biological Will stored once  signed?

The testator will fill and sign three original Biological Wills. One to keep, one to give a witness or store alternatively. The third copy should be sent back to us via registered mail, it will be stored at our Biological Will bank.

Who can be defined as beneficiaries?

Beneficieries can be anyone trusted by the testator and willing to execute the will. This includes spouses, parents and family members or close friends.

The testator may also will to donate his or her genetic material through a sperm bank, for example.

Does the Biological Will have an expiration time limit?

An expiration date is not binding, but may be defined by the testator according to personal considerations.

How is the Biological Will executed?

With the Biological Will being a legally binding document, in order to execute the will, the beneficiary must simply apply to court with the will, obtain approval to execute the will and then turn to the relevant medical institution for further procedures.

What are the precedents of a Biological Will being executed?

Yes! The Biological Will was actually invented in 2001, and since than has recorded several global legal precedents on its way to become a court approved legal product.

Where can I produce a Biological Will?

Through us, right here on this website ( currently for U.S citizens only )