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The Guardian:

Israeli couple seek right to use dead son’s sperm

The parents of an Israeli killed in a workplace accident five months ago are seeking legal permission to use his frozen sperm to produce a grandchild, even though he was not in a relationship.

 Haaretz national newspaper:

Haifa court allows woman to use frozen sperm of deceased man she never met

A woman can become pregnant using the frozen sperm of a deceased sperm donor whom she did not know. This was the ruling by a domestic relations court in Haifa in a precedent-setting case, which overturned the state’s objections.

Hadassah Magazine:

Family Matters: Mishpoche Enablers

Yulia and Slav Pozniansky, an Israeli couple in their fifties, enjoy being grandparents to their oldest son’s three children. They crave the chance to be grandparents to the offspring of their younger son, Baruch, as well. But that is more difficult since Baruch is dead. The story does not end there. Technology—and a small Tel Aviv organization—hope to enable the Poznianskys to realize their dream.

Israeli national television appearances (Hebrew with English subtitles):

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