Irit Rosenblum is a socio-legal lawyer dedicated to advancing family rights and the rights of individuals within families. She developed a unique socio-legal philosophy in which the right to establish a family, regardless of gender, nationality, sexual orientation, age or status must be recognized as a human right. With her team of experts in the field of law and civil rights at New Family, she produces unique legal products and services advancing the legal recognition of every type of family.

Irit Rosenblum invented the Biological Will concept in 2001 and established the world’s first and only biological Will Bank in 2005. Thanks to her unwavering efforts, the option of willing genetic material has become reality. Through a series of high-profile cases, the Biological Will became a mainstream product. By 2008, it was already a recognized legal document like any other will, and the client base continues to grow.

The Biological Will has turned from an abstract idea to a mainstream legal product within a decade. The Biological Will is a recognized legal product in use in Israel, with an almost infinite target audience, and increasing public interest.